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Elevate teaches a variety of  relaxation and mindfulness  techniques in the workplace to promote corporate wellness. 

Our mission is to elevate your employees to higher performance and greater health through mindfulness and yoga. Our classes are geared to bring your office the peace of mind it needs to create a more productive and enjoyable work environment. 

We tailor our curriculum specifically to your company. We offer training geared to lower stress and increase productivity and creativity in the workplace. We help to create a work environment with open communication and effective conflict management. Through our training, your employees will become more self aware and better able to achieve a healthy work life balance. 



A quick break from work to re-energize and recharge

50 min classes


A great way to reduce stress and boost productivity

50-90 min classes

"The Mindfulness class has helped me take a moment and relax during my hectic work day.  It's amazing in that I can focus on me and my stress, channel it properly and handle it better.  After the class, I am calm, focused, and wide awake (this surprised me, since the class itself is so relaxing and sometimes I even drift off during the exercise. this is very new to me, as I am a clinical insomniac.  I cannot nap during the day and I am unable to sleep at night without a little help).  After the class, I am able to tackle my projects, at work and at home, more efficiently because I am much more attentive and refreshed."

Sandra - Spanish Fork, Utah

"I have appreciated the Mindfulness Class. It has taught me how to try and regain my focus when I am stressed. Every time I come to class, I feel more relaxed and ready to take on the rest of my day."

Kathy - Spanish Fork, Utah



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